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New features – Basemap Builder launched

MEERQAT’s own map creation tool – the Basemap Builder – has just been released and is available to all users with Account Owner or Team Leader permissions.

This exciting new feature allows users to create and edit their own process maps or program logic maps directly in the app, providing MEERQAT clients with the following options for using MEERQAT:

  • Use one of our library basemaps straight off the shelf
  • Adapt a library basemap to meet individual needs
  • Create a basemap from scratch

The Basemap Builder is an easy-to-use tool for drawing any kind of process map. What makes it unique – compared to other software – is that maps created in MEERQAT are able to be used as interactive self-assessment and action planning tools in the context of evaluation and quality improvement activities.

Check out our introductory video on this great new feature.

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