MEERQAT at AES 2017 and ACHSM/ACHS 2017

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We’re excited to announce that MEERQAT Director Donna Cohen will be delivering podium presentations at two conferences in September 2017.

Following on from our successful attendance at the Australasian Evaluation Society conferences in 2015 and 2016, Donna will be presenting a paper entitled Map-enabled experiential review: Enhancing the relevance of evaluation at the program delivery coalface at the AES 17 International Evaluation Conference in Canberra (4-6 Sept).

MEERQAT will also be making its debut at ACHSM/ACHS 2017 Asia-Pacific Congress in Sydney (27-29 Sept), where Donna’s paper Making quality everyone’s business: A new approach to engaging staff in quality improvement has been accepted for presentation.

Team MEERQAT will be hosting a trade booth at both conferences.

Videos of both of Donna’s presentations can be found on our Conference Presentations page

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