MEERQAT launched at AES conference 2015

Donna and Phil Cohen manning the MEERQAT booth at the AES 2015 conference

MEERQAT was officially launched at the Australasian Evaluation Society’s (AES) International Conference in Melbourne in early September 2015. The Conference was one of the major events that was staged to mark the International Year of Evaluation in 2015.

MEERQAT Director, Donna Cohen – pictured with her colleagues Phil Cohen (centre) and Vitas Anderson (left) – presented at the Conference and took the opportunity to explain the MEERQAT story and the concepts that are at the heart of the application. MEERQAT turns static process and program logic maps into interactive tools that engage staff in assessment and quality improvement processes.

As Donna pointed out, “The conference provided the perfect opportunity to introduce MEERQAT to a wide audience from the research and evaluation fields and to showcase the variety of applications for which MEERQAT can be used.”

See Donna’s presentation below.


The MEERQAT trade booth at the Conference received a steady stream of visitors over the three days of the Conference. Vitas Anderson, one of MEERQAT’s founders, commented: “It was exciting after an extensive period of development to see the interest and enthusiasm that people, from a variety of organisations and backgrounds, were showing in the MEERQAT concept.”

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