MEERQAT teams up with University of Melbourne

MU graduate school of evaluation

We’re pleased to announce that MEERQAT Pty Ltd is working with the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Program Evaluation, to provide free MEERQAT accounts to students enrolled in the Practice of Evaluation (EDUC90847) subject. The subject is included in the Graduate Certificate in Evaluation and the Master of Evaluation courses offered by the Centre and is also available to students enrolled in other graduate courses who wish to include an evaluation subject in their program. The subject looks at evaluation-specific tools and methods, as well as stakeholder engagement strategies and evaluation reporting.

Through this arrangement, students will be able to explore the possibilities of the map-enabled experiential review (MEER) technique that is at the heart of the MEERQAT application. Using the Basemap Builder, student evaluators will be able to create interactive logic models that can be used as evaluation data collection tools, providing an innovative approach to engaging stakeholders in evaluation activities.

Students enrolled in the Practice of Evaluation subject should contact the Centre for Program Evaluation for information about how to obtain their free MEERQAT account.

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