Showcasing the MEER approach at Giant Steps 2019

Structured conversations poster by Annie Curtin et al

MEERQAT Director Donna Cohen will be attending Safer Care Victoria’s Giant Steps 2019 conference on 21-22 Nov. This conference will showcase solutions for quality improvement in healthcare. Donna will be presenting a poster detailing the successful trial of the map-enabled experiential review (MEER) approach at Epworth Health (Richmond) in 2018.

The MEER approach is at the heart of the MEERQAT and BPCLEtool online applications. It is a practical approach that supports clinician-led quality improvement in healthcare. MEER is ideal for employee engagement, since it transforms process improvement into an activity frontline staff can relate to. The approach uses graphical process maps to present routine practices in a visual format that staff can easily understand.

Our poster presents data showing high level staff acceptance of the MEER approach. For example, staff enjoyed the team-based discussions about routine practices, enjoyed reflecting on their own clinical practice and learned new information about both the national quality standards and their hospital’s policies and protocols. Frontline staff reported increased interest in quality issues and quality improvement. Indeed, many staff volunteered to work on quality improvement activities! Staff also reported more informal discussions about quality within their unit.

Our poster also presents data on the impact of MEER on adverse incidents. For example, we observed a 34% statistically significant decrease in the incident rates of the participating units relative to the rest of the hospital.

This is the first trial of the MEER approach in an acute clinical context. The approach was previously shown to work in the implementation of a best practice framework in a clinical education context. In both cases, the MEER approach enabled frontline staff to take ownership of quality improvement. The approach is a powerful adjunct to clinical leadership programs, providing a practical and easy-to-use team-based tool for quality improvement in healthcare.

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