New feature – BPCLEtool indicator monitoring upgrade

BPCLEtool data entry form (FI)

MEERQAT Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the first of three upgrades to the indicator monitoring functionality in BPCLEtool.

This first round of upgrades introduces a more compact and user-friendly data entry form. Users can more easily de-select disciplines that are not monitoring particular indicators and can more readily see where there are gaps or errors in the data they have entered.

The new format of data entry forms also paves the way for an automated data upload feature due for release later in 2016.

BPCLEtool was the first tool based on the MEERQAT concept to be developed and is now used by more than 120 health service organisations in Victoria, including all public health services and all registered community health services.

Further information about BPCLEtool can be found at or by contacting Dr Donna Cohen ( or 0448 884 095).

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