Case Management

Help your clients visualize their pathway to achieving their objectives

MEERQAT delivers innovative solutions for managing and tracking client journeys.

Journey mapping allows an organisation to visualise and synthesise its services from the perspective of its clients’ experiences. Journey maps created in MEERQAT can be used to track client journeys in real time – including completion of tasks by the client and/or team members and achievement of milestones – and to evaluate each step of the journey for the purposes of quality improvement.

Create unique maps for each client journey

The MEERQAT Basemap Builder lets you create interactive maps for any client journey. Each map can be customised for a range of uses, including tracking each step of the journey in real time and collecting client or team member feedback that reflects stakeholder experiences. Every map is a template that can be reused for multiple clients or modified to show variations in the client journey.

Monitor progress and rate stakeholder experiences

MEERQAT’s unique interactive Assessment Tool interface allows you to use the journey map to track completion of tasks and achievement of milestones for each client, providing a visual record of progress along the client journey, as well as a repository of documents relating to that journey. The map can also be used to collect feedback from clients and team members about each step of the journey, providing an evidence base for improving client experiences and team performance. 

Address priorities with an action plan

MEERQAT seamlessly integrates the Assessment Tool with an Action Planning Tool, to help you plan team tasks and client activities, or translate stakeholder feedback into an evidence-based quality improvement plan. The drag-and-drop functionality of the Action Planning Tool allows you to prioritise, organise and track your action plan.

Analyze and report

MEERQAT’s informative reports can help you to monitor the health of client journey processes, including overviews and step-by-step detail. Track progress with longitudinal comparison reports and compare client and team member perspectives with horizontal comparison reports.

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