Map Building

Building Process Maps with MEERQAT is easy!

The next generation in Process Map building

MEERQAT’s new Basemap Builder allows you to expand the usefulness of your process maps and opens a new world of possibilities for evaluation and quality improvement.

With the Basemap Builder you can generate interactive process maps, program logic models or theory of change models. These can be used in team-based review activities to capture the knowledge and experience of team members.

You can also create your own bespoke versions of any basemap in our Basemap Library, allowing you to adapt our maps to your own unique requirements.

Key features of the Basemap Builder

  • Click and drag functionality to create and position nodes where you want them
  • Optional snap-to-grid for node positioning
  • A pop-up side panel to enter information for each node
  • Add documents to nodes with hyperlinks 
  • Add free text anywhere on your map
  • Optional “swimlane” feature for process maps
  • Undo functionality
  • Auto save your work as you go

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