MEERQAT as a quality improvement tool

Tap into the knowledge and experience of your staff.

The key to improvement is learning and the key to learning is the ability to transform raw experience into insights. Structured conversations powered by MEERQAT enable this transformation. Using MEERQAT as a quality improvement tool helps teams reflect on what they do, what works, what doesn’t and why.

Medical team with MEERQAT philosophy

MEERQAT basemaps are quality improvement tools that drive structured conversations

Basemaps present processes (or systems of processes) in an interactive graphical format that provides structure to team-based conversations. The MEERQAT Library includes basemaps for a number of health, aged care and other standards, which you can use ‘off the shelf’ or adapt for your own circumstances using the Basemap Builder. The MEERQAT team is available to assist you in creating basemaps customised to your requirements, or you can build your own bespoke basemaps.

Rate basemap items through group discussion

Capture your staff’s valuable knowledge through MEERQAT’s unique interactive Assessment Tool interface. Each node prompts a conversation about that aspect of the process or system; ratings and comments from team members can be recorded and supporting documents can be attached. The discussion promotes information sharing and development of the collective competence of the team.

The MEERQAT quality improvement tool includes action planning

MEERQAT seamlessly integrates the Assessment Tool with an Action Planning Tool, to help you translate your team’s assessment outcomes into an evidence-based quality improvement plan. The drag-and-drop functionality of the Action Planning Tool allows you to prioritise, organise and track your improvement activities.

Analyze and report

MEERQAT’s informative reports reveal the health of your processes, including overviews and node-by-node detail. Track progress with longitudinal comparison reports and compare multiple teams with horizontal comparison reports.

Quality Improvement Case Study

Frontline staff using MEERQAT at a weekly session

Epworth commenced a 10-month trial of MEERQAT in Jan 2018, in the ED and an inpatient ward at its Richmond hospital. In each unit, staff met once a week for about 35 minutes for a structured discussion about routine practices relating to one of the NSQHS standards, using basemaps from the MEERQAT Basemap Library. Each standard took four or five sessions to complete.

The benefits of the approach were quickly apparent to both staff and managers. Discussions were collegiate and inclusive and staff gained valuable insights into health service policies and protocols and developed a better understanding about how each NSQHS standard relates to their routine practice. The team discussions identified issues and areas for improvement and a number of team members volunteered to take responsibility for the locally implementable solutions nominated by the group.

Managers were delighted with the outcomes, with one manager noting, “MEERQAT is brilliant. I’ve got a really great team, but we’ve never had such informative and productive discussions about what we do before we started using this tool.”

One of the other participating Nurse Unit Managers agrees. “MEERQAT is the best thing we’ve ever done in quality. The whole hospital should be using it.”

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